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Cox Racingroup

Cox Racingroup guards are designed to protect vulnerable radiators and oil coolers from all types of debris found on the street or track. When you have an off-track adventure only to return to the track with sticky tires covered with rocks and tar balls, this often causes damage to the radiator or oil cooler. This can range from minor damage such as plugged or bent fins to major punctures in the radiator or oil coolers that can lead to major engine damage.

In fact there are several ways your race or your journey can come to an end - here's another:


To make matters worse, there are no aftermarket radiator alternatives for most sport bikes on the market; in most cases new radiators are only available from authorised dealers. This replacement cost is high and the parts will most likely need to be special-ordered from the factory. The end result is cost, hassle, and down time - missed races, track days, and rides.

Cox guards are manufactured using aluminum folded with directional-expanded aluminum screen for a desired balance of protection, durability and light-weight ride. 

Installation is very simple on most models. Foam pads are mounted to the back of the frame for protection and separation between the guard and the radiator core. Approximately 5mm of a "crush zone" is generated by these pads to absorb impacts. The guards are mounted in such a way that they can 'float' on the pads and not pick up vibrations from the bike or ground. Proper mounting varies from bike to bike, and from brand to brand, as specified in the provided customized instruction kits.

Post-installation, the guards are easy to clean and/or detach for a thorough removal of bugs and other debris. Plus they look great and enhance the sometimes less-than-attractive radiator and oil cooler cowl area.