Memjet Evo Module for BMW R850 R1100 GS R RS RT S


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Memjet Evo – Performance Tuning At It's Simplest

Memjet Evo Module
Memjet Evo Module
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Part No. JPMJ004-03

Model compatibility

BMW R850 GS 1996 - 2001
BMW R850 R 1995 - 2003
BMW R850 RT 1998 - 2003
BMW R1100 GS 1994 - 1999
BMW R1100 R 1999 - 2001
BMW R1100 RS 1994 - 2001
BMW R1100 RT 1993 - 2001
BMW R1100 S 1998 - 2006
Memjet Evo Module for BMW R850 R1100 GS R RS RT S
Memjet Evo Module for BMW R850 R1100 GS R RS RT S Memjet Evo Module for BMW R850 R1100 GS R RS RT S

If you're looking for the simplest and most inexpensive way to tune your bike, then meet Jetprime Memjet Evo, the plug-and-play power module from Italy's no.1 performance tuning specialist.

Jetprime Memjet Evo requires no prior tuning experience, so you can easily fit it yourself, and remove it just as easily should you need to.

Memjet Evo is available for a huge range of fuel-injected bikes, and is ideal if you want a crisper, more responsive ride, or if you have an aftermarket exhaust and air filter fitted.

How Does It Work?

Memjet Evo connects to the bike's air tempurature sensor and works by allowing you to adjust the sensor's output using the control dial on the module. The MemJet Evo sends a colder/denser air value to the ECU, which responds by calling up more aggressive on-board mapping. The further you turn the dial, the more aggressive the mapping.

The dial reads from 0-10, where 0 represents no adjustment of the stock output (handy if your bike is in for testing). A setting of around 5 is generally best for most unmodifed bikes, greater than 5 for modified bikes, but a quick 5-10km test ride, gradually increasing the setting as you go, is usually all it takes work out which setting works best for your bike.

But note, a higher setting is not necessarily better. You'll know when you've found the optimum setting because engine response across the entire rev range will have improved, and any jerkiness and / or blank spots should have all but disappeared.

  • Plug and play
  • No expensive remapping or dyno tuning required
  • Improved performance across the entire rev range
  • Totally reversible
  • Waterproof

Looking for even more control over injection timing?

Then take a look at the Jetprime Programmable Power Module also available from our store. Like Memjet Evo, the Jetprime Module is easy to fit, but comes with software that gives you total control over ignition timing intervals.

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