Oxymett Module for Moto Guzzi V10 Centauro GT

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Oxymett - For a Smoother Ride

Oxymett Lambda Probe Inhibitor Module
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Part No. COX05-13

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Moto Guzzi V10 Centauro GT 1997 - 1999
Oxymett Module for Moto Guzzi V10 Centauro GT
Oxymett Module for Moto Guzzi V10 Centauro GT

Does your bike suffer from annoying jerkiness, especially in the low rev range? Does it sometimes stall or cut out as the revs drop when stopping at lights or a junction? Oxymett, from Jetprime, has been developed specifically to address these precise problems. It's finally time to say goodbye to jagged running and unwanted stalling.

Oxymett is a lambda probe inhibitor that modifies the output data of the stock lambda probe to make it more effective, eliminating the root of the problem - excessive thinning of the carburetion.

And if you use an aftermarket power module, including a genuine Ducati performance upgrade, Oxymett is just as effective. Your power module will only take effect after 3400 rpm - below this range it's function is reduced by the lambda sensors - so Oxymett will greatly improve it's effectiveness.

We recommend using Oxymett with our Memjet Evo power module, or with our Jetprime Programmable Power Module, as all Jetprime products have been tested in-house to be compatible with each other.

So if you want to dramatically improve your bike's rideability and performance, Oxymett is the perfect solution.

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